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That’s My Jam!! – Charlie's Blog
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That’s My Jam!!

About 3 years ago we decided to move away from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to Sylvania, Georgia for several reasons. 

  1. I was homesick.  I had been away from my hometown, with small visits here and there, for over 20 years.
  2. My treatment team for my Pulmonary Hypertension team was in Celebration, Florida.  The drive would be cut in half by 6 hours with the closest certified emergency PH facility 2.5 hours away.
  3. Brian had grown to love the country and was looking to escape the tourist noise of the Pigeon Forge area.
  4. Cost effectiveness.  Renting the house and moving into a home where we only had to pay utilities and do upkeep was a win win considering my disease eats money when it comes to health care costs.

So we drove from Sylvania to Pigeon Forge to close the house down.  We had minimal items left in the home due to us having down sized and moved into a RV for adventure purposes. We had our bed, a guest queen bed, a couch, an air mattress, TV and a dining room table with chairs to move back to Sylvania.. (and assorted kitchen junk).  Nothing we couldn’t do in about 6 hours on Sunday morning.

We invited our friends Herschel, Danielle, their daughter Savannah and James to help us celebrate one last time.  

James arrived in a timely fashion around mid afternoon on a Friday with H and D showing up close to 9pm.James and Brian decided to do a little early packing and loaded up some items in the UHaul truck.

Let the fun commence!

Cocktails were poured, Cards Against Humanity was played, laughter was oozing out of the house and music of all genres was being played.  It was around 11 when Herschel decided he had had enough and wanted to get some zzzz’s.  Herschel goes to bed earlySo we made fun of him as he made his way to the guest bedroom.

We continued to play cards, laugh, dance and Savannah tried to teach Brian, James and myself how to twerk.  It was not a pretty site and a memory I try to push out of my head.  Somewhere there is a video but no one claims to have it.

We decide to kick it up a notch at about 2:30am and get the GoPro out and do a little filming (see above about a rumored dance video) …James proceeds to go into the guest room to film Herschel and H is just snoring away like there is no tomorrow, sacked out and we are dying laughing cause he hasn’t a clue we are filming him. 

We “quietly” leave the guest room and continue our shenanigans and crank up the music ( now 3:00am) even louder when all of a sudden we here this voice boom from behind us “THAT’S MY JAM”…and here comes Herschel dancing like there is no tomorrow, dressed for the day and ready to have a few cocktails…  I thought I was on mars.

That leads me to the story of I’m a Grown Ass Man

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