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“She must be with the special group” – Charlie's Blog
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“She must be with the special group”

Not many of you knew who my grandfather was.  He was a special character in my life that taught me so much and how to appreciate having adventures in travel.  Well, this one trip almost did me in.  Let’s journey back……. 

Washington National Cathedral

The Space Window on the south aisle of the Cathedral contains a piece of lunar rock. There is a sculpture of Darth Vader on the Cathedral. The Cathedral’s central tower is the only place in North America to house both peal and carillon bells The Cathedral labyrinth is a medieval design based on the one in the floor of the nave at Chartres Cathedral in France. The official name of Washington National Cathedral is the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. The Cathedral is home to one of the few old growth forests still standing in the nation’s capital, Olmsted Woods, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. The Cathedral was completed 83 years to the day after it was begun (September 29, 1907–September 29, 1990).

It was a cold December day during Christmas break in 1989 and my family (Mother, Stepfather and Grandfather) decided to drive into DC ( my mother lives near Waldorf, MD).  We head into the city to visit the Washington National Cathedral, it’s many nativity scenes on display and the National Aquarium.  Somewhere in there we would get lunch.

Now, when my family travels to certain points of interest such as the National Cathedral, they like to separate into 2’s…  I stuck with Granddaddy because we liked reading all the info…others like my Mom,  just peruse the displays.  We went into the side entrance and spent about 2 hours looking at all the displays and enjoying the many artistic, yet tasteful depictions of Christ’s birth done by Christians from other countries such as Nigeria, Botswana, India, etc..needless to say we were getting tuckered… so we head back to the car ( we had a designated time of meetup) expecting everyone to be onsite at the SAME TIME!… Oh, No.!.. we were missing one…my step father….

Mom: “Go find your step father”

Me: “Ma’am?”

Mom: “GO find your step father,  he must still be inside the church and be quick because I’m hungry and getting tired” ( the Mom tone in full inflection)

Me:  (Good God,  when did I become a babysitter?  I said on the inside)

If any of you have been to the Washington National cathedral property it is an extensive property with many entrances and exits with the main entrance being these beautiful wood doors. 

I started running hard, up the steps toward the front doors, determined and anxious to find my step father before we all died of hunger in the parking lot.  Heavy breathed with cold air rushing in and out of my lungs as I ran full speed up the front steps and

WHAM! Wooooong Woooong Woooong Woooong

That’s the sound 16 foot, 1/2 thick plexiglass doors make when you hit them at a full run.  Apparently this was put into place to protect the existing decorative entrance front doors and patrons in the winter that year. 

I was immediately bounced back and when I was able to focus I grabbed my now bleeding nose and saw the smear of my entire face on the door… 

I opened the Glass doors to the a string of Nuns leading a  group of children when one Nun looks my way and says, “She must be with the special group”….

I turned around, WALKED back to the car where there stood my stepfather, non nonchalantly smoking a cigarette…

Stepfather: “What took you so long”…

No one asked about my nose…and the aquarium was boring… 



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  • Helen
    October 18, 2017

    Oh hon…I’m laughing WITH you😂

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